Serviço de Desenvolvimento urbano sustentavel

The urban environment is formed by two interrelated systems: the so-called "natural system", composed of physical and biological means, and the "anthropic system" that integrates man and all interactions of his activities, not being considered a closed system.

In addition to cultural needs, such as politics, economy, technology, transport, education and security, the urban environment still has environmental needs for its survival, because they are incomplete systems that have unidirectional energy and matter flow, since they only consume natural resources and did not produce them with the appropriate quality, resulting in the generation of waste, pollutants and excess energy, markedly influenced by the intense and rapid changes made by man.

The complexity and necessity of sustainable urban development is noticeable so that cities can be able to endure throughout their existence. Currently, there are several techniques to develop resilient and adaptable cities for, for example, climate and social changes, as well as to consider the relations, interactions and quality of citizen life.


Using modern techniques, AVIX has the know-how to assist in sustainable urban planning of allotments or any other project, using simulation software to develop sophisticated sustainable urban drainage design, simulation of efforts in drainage networks and other hydraulic structures, inclusion evaluation of permeable and retention areas, the design of microdrainage and related solutions.