Serviços florestais

Hydrological modeling has become an indispensable tool for the engineering solutions aid. Hydrological models allow the analysis of several scenarios and the control of aspects that can impact decision making through simplified or complex simulation of reality.

Addressing a problem through modeling allows us to carry out holistic and meticulous analyzes to propose viable technical alternatives with greater precision and in less time, however, the quality of a model is equivalent to the quantity and quality of data obtained through continuous monitoring. Therefore, the acquisition of good quality data is essential for the quality and accuracy of a model.

AVIX has access to hydrological and hydraulic modeling technologies for accurate analysis of engineering projects, through 1D representations, for the evaluation of channels, rivers, sanitary networks and drainage of rainwater, and integrated 1D / 2D representations for the evaluation of the behavior of the drainage / sanitary system in conjunction with the natural behavior of the water in the environment.

These technologies are used to execute projects and services such as:

  • 1D / 2D integrated hydraulic performance evaluation of rivers;
  • Floodplain mapping and flood risk analysis;
  • Planning of evacuation routes;
  • Hydraulic analysis of canals, culverts and bridge pillars;
  • Integrated design and analysis of stormwater and urban drainage systems;
  • Design and analysis of the capacity of collection and optimization of sanitary and rainfall systems;
  • Sizing ponds and redirection of water surplus;