Service of Hydric monitoring

The water volume monitoring in a river basin is of great importance for forest-based economic activities, attesting the sustainability of the natural resource, assisting in forest certification and meeting prerequisites of environmental licensing. In general, the monitoring of the water volume production and consumption by commercial species in a watershed allows the identification of flow regime changes according to changes in economic activities and land cover and helps the integrated planning of multiples water users, with the objective of perpetuating water availability over time.

AVIX offers its clients quantitative monitoring of water in river basins using hydrological modeling techniques, which allow the generation of runoff only with data from a pluviometer, without the need for line readers, data loggers or the installation of any other costly equipment.

Our methodology involves the use of aerial images to update the type of planting and its age, land use and climatic data that generate real scenarios of the monitored watershed, proven by more than 10 years of operation in several regions of the country.