Serviços florestais

Forest-based companies depend on the climate and their variables to conduct their business. Cyclical fluctuations and geographic variations can cause great losses in productivity and management if there is no adequate planning. AVIX offers a range of services for production of decision-making information based on customized climate data according to customer needs. Services include coverage assessment, receipt, treatment, consistency and availability of online data, water balance analysis, availability, spatial and temporal distribution, medium-term and long-term trends.

The company's meteorological stations raw data are sent regularly to AVIX, where after being analyzed and transformed into useful information they are made available for continuous and safe access, contributing to the planning of field operations such as planting, fertilization, pest control, road maintenance and harvest planning.

For forestry companies that do not have meteorological stations we offer the service of providing already processed climatic data obtained from public stations located in the surroundings, which makes a prior availability assessment necessary.