desenvolvimento sustentavel

AVIX's mission is to promote sustainability, protecting the natural environment. We focus on preserving natural resources thinking about future generations. Our experts are able to meet customer needs regarding green infrastructure. We have experience with development of solutions for stormwater management, modeling of impacted areas, projects for certification and evaluate the comparative cost of green and conventional project options.

Conscious of the beneficial impact that sustainable projects can achieve on the preservation of natural resources, our urban development projects maximize the existing environmental conditions with a required functionality, utilizing for this the most modern modelling technology associated to the knowledge of modern materials and experience of our technical staff.

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Water resources management

To act with leadership in this area, AVIX uses advanced software for hydrological modeling.

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Stormwater Modeling

Hydrological modeling has become an indispensable tool for the engineering solutions aid.

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Sustainable Urban Drainage

A set of devices and techniques developed with the objective of artificially replicating the paths that water travels .

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Sustainable Urban Development

Using modern techniques, AVIX has the know-how to assist in sustainable urban planning.

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