Serviços florestais

AVIX traditional branch of activity, we have provided forest-based companies with our improved services over more than 20 years, working in partnership with leading companies in Brazil in hydric monitoring projects, water quality studies, biological diversity monitoring in clonal plantations, water scarcity, conflict over water use, climate monitoring, territorial planning and many other areas.

Our watershed monitoring services exempt equipment installation such as lingraphs, and are currently used by several companies in 7 Brazilian states.

Our climate data service stores, consists and provides weather information in formats that are directly used by different sectors of the company.

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Hydric Monitoring

The water volume monitoring in a river basin is of great importance for forest-based economic activities.

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Climate Information

Forest-based companies depend on the climate and their variables to conduct their business.

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Water Quality

We offer several qualitative surface water monitoring services, which are usually associated with quantitative monitoring.

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Evolution of biodiversity

The generation and monitoring of diversity indexes and landscape structure in forest plantations aim the reduction of risks for clonal forestry.

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